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Francesca Alfano Miglietti, "Nessun tempo, nessun corpo. Arte, Azioni, Reazioni e Conversazioni", 2012

The new mind control The internet has spawned subtle forms of influence that can flip elections and manipulate everything we say, think and do by Robert Epstein

Mountain Lumber Co. moving manufacturing operations to W.Va. RUCKERSVILLE, Va. — A Virginia wood products company is moving its manufacturing operations to West Virginia.

Wedge-tailed eagles do battle with mining giant's drones, knocking nine out of sky. Eagles and drones have been battling for the skies above...

Icelanders to Refugees: You're Welcome Here: A social media movement is pushing for officials in Reykjavík to do more to help displaced people find homes.

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Abandoning the Work I Hated

Robert Markowitz went from a lawyer to children's entertainer 20 years ago and is still happily at it.

Ein Video verbreitet sich derzeit durch die sozialen Netze und das ist gut so. »Rechts gegen Rechts« zeigt, wie kreativer Protest geht.

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Everything is Fake: Top 40 Pieces of Fakery in Our World – Part 4

Everything is fake, from False Flag Ops to Pandemics to the Universe itself. Learn the top 40 pieces of fakery in today's world. Part 4 lists the final