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    Dia de San Valentin Number Posters 0-20 in Spanish from Angelica'sResources on - (26 pages) - Dia de San Valentin Number Posters with Ten Frames A mid-year change of scenery is great for students. Surprise your students when they come back from Winter Break with these exciting number posters!

    Spanish Valentine's Day (El Dia de San Valentin) Flash Car

    Spanish Valentine's Day Vocabulary IDs Worksheet by Sue Summers - El Dia de San Valentin

    Dia de Accion de Gracias Libro-Have students create their own book about Thanksgiving in Spanish!

    Ten Frame Number Posters

    Colors, Colors Everywhere! (English/Spanish Flash Cards & Posters) from Natasha L's Corner on - (18 pages) - Printable page-sized posters and smaller cards for sorting. Posters are labeled in English and Spanish.

    EASITEACH Calendar Math- Junio (Spanish) from Mrs.Cortes'TeacherResources on - (15 pages) - A Monthly Themed Calendar Math (English or Spanish) designed for EASITEACH users that targets and reinforces different math skills.

    Distancia en el plano de coordenadas from TeachingCorner on - (8 pages) - An eight page PowerPoint slide that gives a quick look at calculating distance between coordinates. It's an introduction and it shows how to find the distance when two of the x or y coordinates are the same. It's in Spanish.

    Spanish Valentine's Day Love Poems by Sue Summers - Poesia del Amor - Spanish Holidays, Dia de los Enamorados

    "I Can" Poster Set for Kindergarten SLA (Spanish) from Natasha L's Corner on - (25 pages) - A set of 44 "I Can" statements for the bilingual kindergarten classroom

    Segmentation of Words in Spanish product from Angelica Sandoval on

    Búsqueda de Sílabas-A Spanish Syllables Auditory Activity from Growing Bilingual Learners on (82 pages)

    I Can Make My Own Clock Mix and Match Clock Wheels (Spanish & English) from thetravelingclassroom on (26 pages) - Mix and Match Clock Wheels!

    Alfabeto Libro de Trabajo - ABC Workbook in Spanish from Mister Kindergarten on (56 pages) - Letter practice in Spanish!

    Spanish Colors Crossword and Image IDs - Los Colores from Sue Summers on - (1 page) - 20 puzzle clues and 13 images to identify

    Spanish Valentines Day Vocabulary, 34 Word Crossword and Picture IDs from Sue Summers on - (3 pages) - Students complete the puzzle, write words next to the clues, and identify 12 images. Word list is also helpful for making Spanish Valentine cards.

    Spanish Tener Expressions 15 Translations and 6 Image IDs Worksheet from Sue Summers on - (2 pages) - Sample tener idioms are tener ganas de and tener razon.

    Spanish Valentines Day Word Search Puzzle, Vocabulary, and Image IDs from Sue Summers on - (3 pages) - Contains 33 words and 10 images to identify.

    Spelling Work Cut and Paste Syllables in Spanish product from Angelica-Sandoval on

    Student Readers Fairy Tales in Spanish from Angelica Sandoval on (48 pages) - Student Books with comprehension sheets included 1. Caperucita Roja 2. Los tres cochinitos 3. Ricitos de Oro y los tres osos 4. Juan y el frijol mágico Comprensión 1. Hojas de secuencia 2. Personaje principal 3. Problema del cuento 4. Antagonista

    Digital Clock Sliders (Spanish & English) from thetravelingclassroom on (12 pages)