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Shapes Posters from Krazyaboutteaching on - (39 pages) - Shapes posters to be posted in your classroom or used in centers.

Nursery Rhyme Math Freebie! Perfect for your Pre-K/Kindergarten classroom, this freebie is all about numbers and counting. Included in this package are activities for subtracting up to five, number words, counting and even a ten frame fish is included for you to create number games (such as ordering and counting).

Students will get to work on 2D and 3D shapes with this interactive game! If your students haven't played a "bump" game before, they will love it! Included is a colored and black/white version. Check out my Winter Activities Packet - Literacy, Math, Writing for more fun activities!2D Shapes included: circle, square, triangle, rectangle, hexagon3D Shapes included: cone, cylinder, sphere, cubeTo play:The first player spins the spinner and tells what shape they have spun.

It's All About the Shapes

Practice identifying flat shapes and solid shapes in Kindergarten with these fun shape activities. Don’t miss seeing these shape activities in action.

For many of us, our kinders start the school year lacking number sense. It’s a challenge we face every year, and we feel like it’s going to take them forever to learn their numbers! These are some of the ways I have been successful in my classroom when it comes to teaching number sense. Even if you do not teach kindergarten, these teaching strategies can be used in all grade levels. You just have to change up the content and up the rigor.

13 Creative Ways to use Wikki Stix at Home or in the Classroom!

13 Creative Ways to use Wikki Stix at Home or in the Classroom!The Preschool Toolbox Blog