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ACADEMIC AND FORMAL LANGUAGE: Improving Student Essay Writing (Common Core) from Presto Plans on - (17 pages) - This resource will help your students improve their ability to write using formal academic language.

POINT OF VIEW: Presentation & Activity (First, Second Third Person Narration) from Presto Plans on - (18 pages) - Help your students develop their understanding of point of view and narration with this resource.

Systems of Linear Equations by Graphing from DawnMBrown on - (3 pages) - Need a fun way for students to check if they are right?

Infinitive Assessment (Verbals) from MasteringMiddleSchool on - (4 pages) - Perfect for the Common Core Standard L.8.1A! This is a complete assessment of infinitives. The assessment is two pages long, and a complete answer key is included.

TeamLead 147: Leadership Sample Lesson Plan Packet from TheMagicofLearning on - (6 pages) - 2 Leadership Lessons for the price of 1! Check out the acclaimed play "One" created by students, for students. Includes a lesson on communication and its importance..

Quadratic Bowties from DawnMBrown on - (4 pages) - This product has students solving quadratic functions by factoring.

Breakin� It Down with Bubbly Bria and Prolific Paul from Algebra for Everybody on - (22 pages) - An easy understand way for students to factor polynomials breaking it down and using a tic-tac-toe box!

Using Coordination to Join Sentences from Karenzo Media on - (12 pages) - This presentation teaches how to properly use coordination to combine sentences. New writers frequently write in short, choppy sentences because they are afraid of improperly using commas and semi colons. Using coordination is important in writing to prov