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and this explains why i jump from one thing to the next and see the design potential where others see a plain object...

Right Brain: I am the left brain. I am a scientist. A mathematician. I love the familiar. I am the right brain. I am creativity. A free spirit. I am passion.

The psychology of lying #infographic

What Happens When You Tell a Lie?

Psychology infographic & Advice This infographic takes a look at what happens in our brains when we lie -- and h. Image Description This infographic take

Diferenţa dintre marketing, advertising, pr şi branding

Marketing vs PR vs Advertising vs Branding (you'll understand the difference after you study this info graphic)

Handwriting analysis has been one of my hobbies since I was a kid - it's fascinating and easy to learn, but like predicting the weather, it's hard to put it all together to get a clear picture of what's going on.

What Your Handwriting Says About Your Personality

infographic on the popularity of religions around the world--very informative! this is what i would like to teach my kids one day...that there isn't only one right answer...

World of Religion infographic "The National Post‘s graphics department takes a look at how the world’s religions break down.

Marketing vs PR vs Advertising vs Branding (you'll understand the difference after you study this info graphic)

The difference between Marketing, Branding and Advertising

how marijuana affects the brain

Drugs In The Workplace – Effects Of Marijuana On The Brain. Facts About Human Brain. How Marijuana Affects the Brain.

Minna Sundberg's @SSSScomic beautiful illustration of the Indo-European & Finno-Ugric lang families via @arikaokrent

Mythili on

Feast Your Eyes on This Beautiful Linguistic Family Tree Old World Language Families

Variability of brain size in different mammals. You can also see how the folding of the cerebral hemispheres varies between different species. Curiously, larger brain size and more folding do not correlate with “higher” brain functions. There is also the misconception that brains have gotten progressively larger through evolution. But in fact brain size varies a lot, as you can see, and does not recapitulate evolutionary history. Brain size is not even well correlated with variat...

emt-monster: “ asapscience: “ A comparative look at the brain sizes of different species. ” Brain size is interesting if you compare it to body size. The larger the body, the more brain is needed to.

Free Your Mind Myherb.co.il

Free Your Mind Myherb.co.il

Lucid dreaming: I was really into this a number of years ago. Thinking about giving it a go again.

Lucid dreaming

How to Control Your Dreams - Lucid Dreaming Infographic - Don't sleep through your dreams

How the Myers-Briggs Personality Assessment can help nudge you in the right direction  #MBTI

Know Thyself: The Myers-Briggs Personality Test - Infographic

Community Post: Knowhyself:he Myers-Briggs Personality -- Know your Personality! There's a correlation between the Myer Briggs personality test and Job Satisfaction