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The Mother of All Tomato Posts | Everything you need to know about how to grow tomatoes. | Virginia George

The 104 Homesteadfrom The 104 Homestead

Your Guide to Pruning Tomatoes

Many people wonder when and how to prune their tomatoes. What are tomato suckers? How do you remove them? When shouldn't you remove tomato suckers?:

How to Prune Tomatoes Tomato pruning is one the most forgotten tasks of vegetable gardening. Pruning tomato plants will help promote healthy growth, produce better...

13 Tips for Growing Better Tomatoes Prune the Bottom Leaves to Encourage Growth and Prevent Diseases Growing Tomatoes Tip #2

good idea, start your tomato seeds like this then put the whole thing in the ground when you plant them, the tomatoes will thrive off the egg shells

Whether you are a beginner at growing vegetables or a Master Gardener, these tips for growing tomatoes will help you increase your yield and produce...

Pruning tomato plants: how & when to do it- Pruning tomato plants can maximize the number, size, & flavor of your tomatoes. Warm up your pinching fingers & your garden clippers & find out how a little trim can mean bigger, tastier fruit.

eHowfrom eHow

Plants That Are Good to Plant Near Tomato Plants to Prevent Insects

Tomatoes continue to hold a favorite spot in the annual vegetable garden. Unfortunately, they attract a variety of insects as well as vegetable lovers. An easy and organic way to repel insects from tomato plants is the companion planting method. Companion planting involves selecting a specific mix of flowers and herbs to keep insects away from...