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In Case of Fire Break Glass (and roast marshmallows). It's the "glass half full" approach to life, life gives you lemons: you make s'mores.

These are like sooo creative! Whoever came up with this just wants to roast EVERYONE

Funny Signs From Around The World the 1897 one is literally the most uneventful day of human history and thus is famous, not well known but the magnitude of boring was legendary

But remember, someone is always having a worst day than you.

Your day could be worse. I'm not sure if the little boy at the zoo is the worst, or the donut with no frosting.

Meanwhile in Australia via facebook.

Appropriate senior prank, harmless Yellow Slipper when wet sign floating on float in swimming pool pranks jokes,

Adoro essas placas. E com certeza colocarei a primeira em frente a minha casa kkkkkk

Funny Signs From Around The World. The last one is my favorite. >>>> I think the mountain lion one is my favorite. nm theryér all my favorite hahaha couldn stop laughing XD

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pointing out the obvious...the sad part is that nowadays some people are so stupid they actually need these signs...

What's the most ridiculous sign you see here? Or What is the most ridiculous road sign you have ever seen? Or Create your own ridiculous road sign.

Be sure you've caught the right train..

Funny pictures about Why is there a tomato in the train? Oh, and cool pics about Why is there a tomato in the train? Also, Why is there a tomato in the train?