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i'm so in love with this idea for photos.

Balloon photoshoot... can't go wrong!

Dance as the sun goes down...take a picture of it! :)

Take pictures while swinging with your friend!

Happy Balloon Pretty Dress Photoshoot

Wear a cute sun dress... go into the forest on a sunny day, spin around in circles, and capture the moment!

Go hiking in the forest and take pictures with the trees! Even take your shoes off and do some barefoot pictures!

Go to a rose garden for a photoshoot!

Blow bubbles in a field

Summer Photoshoot Prop: Sun Umbrella

An interesting angle... stand on a boat or even a swing and make your hair fly, then get the sun behind you to so your hair glows!

Sparkler photography tutorial-how to take good sparkler pictures!

Do a handstand and take a picture!

Add pretty colors to your photoshoot... Play with paint!! Get it on your face and take portraits! :)

Sunglasses and lollipop portrait idea

Sit on a dock and dip your toes in the water. Snap the moment.


This would be a fun photoshoot! Bikes & Skateboards at the beach with friends. Have your friend pull you along!

Cute pose with friends in the water... everyone get in a circle and touch heads! Or.. get in a circle and touch feet!

Spin each other in circles with cute skirts or dresses!

Have a photoshoot as the sun's rising or setting.

Run through a field of flowers... put them in your hair :)

Take pictures with Cherry Blossom Trees!

Have a photoshoot with glitter! Throw it up in the air, make it fly with the wind... blow it out of your hands!

Sit in a field of flowers and have a photoshoot!