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Pomegranate Iced Tea . Recipe

Perfect Southern Sweet Tea Recipe

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These infused ice cubes take iced tea to the next level. The best part? You don’t have to chop and prep a ton of fruits or herbs. The Ziploc® Extra Small Square Containers are the perfect size for holding whole cherries, raspberries, mint leaves, and more. Just toss in fruit, fill to the top with water (or limeade or lemonade), and freeze. A great way to use leftover fruit, or veggies like cucumbers.

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Paula Deen Sweet Tea

Paula Deen Mint Iced Tea

Pink Passionfruit Iced Tea with Kiwi, Lime, Mint and Thyme Recipe

Blueberry Lemonade

Refreshing sparkling water with melon ball ice cubes, lime and mint

Absolutely PERFECT Peach Iced Tea! Just 3 ingredients including the from-scratch peach simple syrup! Perfect for cooling down on hot summer days. | #vegan #glutenfree

Sparkling Honey Limeade - I love this flavor combo! Such a refreshing drink!!

Sweet Tea

Iced Thai Tea Recipe | Happy Body and Mind

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I tried "fruit tea" at a Tennessee catered dinner...and was hooked. This looks like the right color and I'm excited to try it!

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