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    Genius Ideas and Best Home Gadgets -Today I am sharing a bunch of Clever Ideas and Home Gadgets that in my opinion everyone should have. These are seriously awesome and for sure will make your life and mine a lot easier! I think they are clever, useful and simply fantastic.. I can’t wait for you to see them! at

    Magic Tap Milk Dispenser - for the kids or anyone who has a hard time balancing the heavy gallon while pouring milk. Must Have!

    This website is seriously the COOLEST site for homeowners! Just type in what you want to do/fix around your home and the website tells you how to do it!

    Turn a faucet into a drinking fountain- perfect for kid bathrooms. No more cups.

    Made from large size baby shampoo bottle. The "bottom" fits over the faucet and even kept some of the plastic around the top of the hole so it would help it point downward.


    To carry groceries! Genius.

    Goldie Goldfish Cord Storage - so cute! via

    my kids have these on all their bathroom faucets. so cool & they don't put their hands under if it's red, so prevents burns.

    USB Portable Humidifier - This is a MUST HAVE for any traveler!! I would have used it this weekend!

    {TIP} Use LEGO figurines as cord holders. Genius! I am totally doing this.

    Short people solutions! I need these.

    Paint buddy by Rubbermaid ~ empty remainder can of paint into the paint buddy and touch up when ever you need to. This is genius

    so much easier than regular ice trays!

    Laundry pod. Only need 3 gallons of water and no electricity. Washes a small load in as little as 10 minutes! Great for camping or power outages.

    backless bird house with suction cups for the window= you get to see the baby birds hatch!

    Paper Pot