personally, i think tattoos are amazing. a wonderful way to represent your thoughts and personalility, you can always look at someones tattoo and tell if your going to get a long with that person or not.

Stuart Reardon Ooh la la

Hot and tattooed.. yumm :)

Shoulder Tattoos - 7 Hottest Places for Male Tattoos That We Love ... [ more at ] One of the hottest places for male tattoos is on their shoulders. If he's wearing a tank top, you'll get to see his ink, and if he has short sleeves, then parts of the tattoo will poke out. You know what they say--less is more. Sometimes a tiny peek will make you swoon more than seeing the whole thing.... #Love #Male #Places #Hottest #Arm #Hand

seriously those eyes...are so hot

Anyone know what gym this is, because I would totally work out with a view like that...

tattoo designs for men (8)

♥;) Go to instagram => @GarotoRabiscado tattoo; tatuagem; inked; tatuagem masculina; man; garoto rabiscado; sexy; model; body; boy; ink; style; tattoo idea;

Men's Tattoo... I want it


reminds me of my boyfriend i love it To the person who originally commented that - You lucky dog you...

#hot #guy #tattoos

Men with tattoos

He's amazing!!

Well umm hello! Hang on a minute while I go change my panties! Hmmm

Tattooed guy. #tattoo #tattoos #Ink

Nice half sleeve in black and grey. this is what I want. Maybe a pop of color


tattoo sleeve

Half sleeve

Trey Lennon, Sergeant at Arms for Demon's Bastards and Trista Lennon's brother.