personally, i think tattoos are amazing. a wonderful way to represent your thoughts and personalility, you can always look at someones tattoo and tell if your going to get a long with that person or not.

Let's pretend I'm pinning this for the tattoos.... :D

I almost didn't notice the face tattoo. Hottie

I am obviously not pinning this because of the tattoo ideas haha its for my pleasure as well as everyone elses!



Hot and tattooed.. yumm :)

Stuart Reardon Ooh la la

Anyone know what gym this is, because I would totally work out with a view like that...

I have died a small death

Tattooed guy. #tattoo #tattoos #Ink

awesome tattoos

Boy with Tattoos + Kitten snugly time. This could go in various boards: kitties, ink, or this one because it combines kitties and a tattooed boy who snuggles with kitties. This board won.

only a few can rock tattoos like this sexy guy

Although I will probably never get a tattoo, love this look. If I did get a tattoo, it would be a full-sleeve on the left arm only, with a visible peak above the neckline of an oxford, and another visible peak on the back of my hand.


Men cooking is sexy, men cooking while looking like this? Smoking hot! Love his left arm trees tattoo.

Where do I sign up to get my hot tattooed guy who snuggles with dogs?