Realistic compass tattoo

Amazing back tattoo of flowers

Rose steampunk tattoo tattoo design

40 Awesome Compass Tattoo Designs | Cuded

I LOVE THIS ONE .@Yliana Castanos Paolini | I won't go too far until she says if he likes it or not ;)

frame tattoo

Sleeve tattoo

Holy shit! An amazing detailed & realistic eye tattoo by Niki Norberg. I'd travel anywhere for something of this standard!

Compass and map tattoo

3D Tattoo - WICKED!! #inked, #legacy, #tattoos, #brandon

Amazing pirate map/ compass tattoo tweeted by Shu ‏@shhshu Всем пиратам пират become a pirate #tattoo #tattoos #ilovetattoo #ilovetattoos #man #back #pirate #pirat

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Interesting compass/clock tattoo

Tattoo of Compass is usually more popular among those who love travelling, sailors making a deep thought of four directions that will never let them get lost in the sea for their constant movement ...

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Amazing compasses (and anchors)... But this reminds me of the detailed compass I thought about for my tattoo idea in between the breasts for my "find your way home" saying to go with it.