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Happy Mother's Day! super mom quote by a super blogger.... well ..... maybe with the young children ..... older kids think you are not too bright and pretty embarrasing sometimes. Even if they love you. :-)

president monson on raising children. I think I need to frame this and hang it somewhere for a daily reminder!




I love being a Mother. True Motherhood ISN'T about giving birth, IT'S about being there for every scrape and bruise, every broken heart, every bully that picks on her, and every other monumental event in her life. I wouldn't trade that for ANYTHING!


All That I Am Decoupage Glass Tray

Worlds best mom, my mom

I love my kids. Even my daughter who passed away. The best thing I have ever done in life was become a mother. Everything else doesn't compare.

Mothering From Scratchfrom Mothering From Scratch

how to be an undivided mom

Undivided Mom is a devotional ebook for any mom who wants to mother with a vision, with a purpose and for God's glory, and through His strength. This post gives a sneak peek into her book and a special discount code available now!

It aggravates me when people feel like their kids are a burden rather than a blessing. Love and cherish your kids every chance you get not just when it serves your purpose because there are parents everywhere who would give anything to hold their child just one more time......

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I’m a proud mother of boys :)

mother of 5 boys

Wow how true this is! My kids always thought I was mean - now my grandchildren think I'm great! It's much easier to be a grandmother than a mom!

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Healthy Back to School Lunch Recipes & Ideas

So true!