First day lesson, have them design their own hot air balloon

Cardboard sculptures

A few days ago I posted a fractured art idea. I had a go at creating an example for my relief folder, & also to see how long it would take to complete! After scrunching the paper, & starting to trace over the lines, I decided to cut the A4 paper in half! It took 30 min to trace the lines & about 45 min to colour in. Not as long as I thought it would take! Plus that time included helping my little boy with his own cutting, glueing & colouring project.


Pinspinners! A fun and easy paper craft!One Good Thing by Jillee | One Good Thing by Jillee

It's Art Day!: Clay and Weaving!

Cassie Stephens: This lady is my new favorite art teacher!!

Birds for the wall

great for pinwheels for peace day!


Under the Sea. Salt and wax resist watercolor technique

Got spare yarn and an old cereal box? Then make some Modern Tin Art! An Original #kids #craft by #piikeastreet

Art School for Kids Art Videos of the Masters

would be a super fun project for Art Club! - could have students trace their bodies in motion on butcher paper- the cut out, paint a black outline, and we will tape up to the wall and ceiling

Art Projects for Kids: Glue & Foil Drawing Tutorial

Bayan Tree Art Project.

fantastic owls!!! - instructions for classroom but in french. Use google translate :-)

What a great idea for an art therapy project!