Amazing rainbow facepaint photographed by Katya Vasilyev. i think i might do this next halloween


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Neo Geisha | Theatrical Geisha makeup by Elizabeth Prokopiak .

Modern Geisha inspired makeup and hair style. Artistic hair design by Jay Bartlett

crystal head dress... Omg, I want!

Genuine Crystal Goddess Queen Empress Princess Chandalier headdress headpiece wedding jewelry fantasy drap layered chain up

This is approximately what my face looks like when I finish a painting project.  And I'm not really exaggerating very much at all.

Nanis can do things with her eyes. Her eyes hold the power to solve many things. With her eyes she can do as little as pick up trash from the side of the road to saving someone's life. She gives a deep and gazing stare and then the magic happens.

1. Voel je Goud

Beautiful editorial gold leaf makeup look for a fashion photography shoot