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St. Joseph Lighthouse on ice

St.Joseph Lighthouse, Michigan

St. Joseph Lighthouse | Winter Sunrise

St. Joseph, Michigan

"Gnarly Ice" St. Joseph Lighthouse |St. Joseph, Michigan

Photographer at the "Frozen" St Joseph Lighthouse

"Red White And Blue" St. Joseph Northpier Lighthouse, St. Joseph, Michigan

"Frozen Nights" St Joseph Lighthouse with b&w treatment

"Natures Art" Winters icy grip at St Joseph Lighthouse

❤LightHouse.•°Ӝ°•.❤ ❤️Ellie ~The #GiftedGiraffe

"Winter Blue" Ice covered pier & lighthouse, St Joseph, Michigan

St. Joseph Lighthouse after the polar vortex, Mighigan • Jerry Joanis Photography

St Mary's Lighthouse, Northumberland, Great Britain

Stanley Park Lighthouse, Vancouver <3 Ellie ~ The #GiftedGiraffe

St Catherine's Lighthouse, Isle of Wight, UK

Lighthouse & Full Moon ❤️Ellie ~The #GiftedGiraffe

St Johns Harbour Light in Winter

#Lighthouse ❤️ Ellie The Gifted Giraffe

Ice from sea spray...whoa ❤️Ellie ~The #GiftedGiraffe

The 30 foot tall outer light of the St. Joseph, Michigan Pier after a severe winter storm. Waves on Lake Michigan were said to be over 20 feet high, which pounded the lighthouse and covered it in ice several feet thick in places.