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Pre-K Chore Charts

Simple daily chores charts to help your Pre-K aged kid(s) learn the routine of helping and having chores! Available completed or blank as a psd or pdf file. Craft Ideas,For my princess!,For the kids.,Good ideas,Home id

Wow how cool is this? Tseraiahli is some blue, some white and yellow.

Kids are different. Some tricks and tips for understanding different personality types (red, blue, white, yellow).

A list of extra jobs kids can choose to earn a little money...

Work-for-hire list of chores. I like the idea of having instructions with the check list, but I'd pay more for the chores. Maybe for screen time tickets at our house?

Chore Charts for each kid. Easy and inexpensive. Gonna have to try it!

This is a cool set up for school as well! Really neat chore chart idea for kids! (And adults?

DINNER CONVERSATION STARTERS!  FAMILY FUN!  Cut up, put in jar on table  have kids pick one at dinner.

Fun to put in a jar and have you kids/spouse pick at the dinner table for conversation starters!

We Help - Family First Printables from hhgregg for all kinds off stuff!

Check, Check, Done Checklist - Morning Evening routine check list. Great way to help kids stay organized.

Help Your Child Succeed With A Clean Room Checklist:

Help Your Child Succeed With A Clean Room Checklist

So going to institute this 'Clean your room' check list for kids! Laminate and use a dry erase marker. =) No more checking and rechecking - "Is my room clean yet, Mom?" Don't call me until the checklist is complete :)