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  • Samantha Gallegos

    Gabriella's Farmer Cheese Gnocchi recipe on

  • April J

    My mom wasn't a baker, but she did make gnocchi -- and, on occasion, savory phyllo pastries. I have a hard time thinking of one specific technique because many of the things I do now, I probably learned by simply being in the room, observing, listening, and doing. Cleaning as you go was a pretty big one, though! With this recipe, I remember being taught about gently dropping the gnocchi into the pot of boiling water, but only on the sides. My Mom told me that this was one of the very first baby foods she made for me because they were so delicate. I make them now when I have a hankering for home. Serve them with sour cream, and you'll be at our Russian table. - Naked Beet

  • dsrtstrx *

    Gabriella's Farmer Cheese Gnocchi (if you can't find Farmer Cheese, simply use drained cottage cheese.)

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