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No hay que apresurarse. Si las cosas están para suceder, sucederá. En el momento adecuado, con la persona adecuada y por la mejor razón!!

couple going out together in chic evening clothing | relationship goals

kiss couple, erotic, intimacy, kiss, kissing, sensual Couple in love .making love. Kisses. Touches. Hugs. Seductive sexual attraction

I was the moon to her sun, the shore to her tides; I wanted to be a mountain to her sunrise, and a valley to her sunset. When I saw her my soul said, "Here at last is the place I call home." ~T.B. LaBerge

"And the only thing that we knew for sure was that we could be seen through the window, but all that mattered was that we were together. In that moment, in that time, in that place"

Cupid's Day Ideas To Do With Your Love #Couples #RelationshipGoals #HCHofstra #HerCampusHofstra

Johannes shows his love for me and he is very tender and loves kissing me . I love his kisses and he often says to me : I love you Maja yes

"You know that corner of the coffee shop? The one with the little ketchup stain in the table cloth? That's where I fell in love with a blonde-haired, blue-eyed, wild child waiting to explore the real world." Peter said as he swipes a finger through her hair and behind her ear, leaning in to plant a kiss on her soft lips.