Store your wrapping paper on your closet ceiling!

Clever ideas: gift wrap storage inside closet or cupboard ceiling. Look up! Use wire to make a space to store gift wrap rolls against the ceiling, rather than cluttering up the floor.

Wrapping paper tends to form precarious piles that inevitably topple when you go to grab that lone birthday pattern from the bottom. Storing gift wrap vertically means you can hide it in skinny corner or closet, and a garment bag keeps everything neatly corralled. See more at The Chic Home »  -

37 Genius Double-Duty Organizing Ideas

Wrapping Paper holder made from a clear garment bag. -- I wonder if you can get garment bags at the dollar store, because I wouldn't want to spend more than that for gift wrap storage.

Install racks at the back of closet doors for a place to put your rolled-up wrapping paper.

Wrapping-Paper Racks

Gift bag and wrapping organization - on the inside of the coat closet door. I just did this in our guest room closet and it is so convenient- bought everything at container store Elfa sale ***ATTIC DOOR***

12 Smart Gift Wrap Storage Ideas

12 Smart Gift Wrap Storage Ideas

Shower curtain rings and binder clips, now THAT is clever wrapping paper storage! Put on a slide out belt hanger for storage between items.

You can also use straw holder containers to hold ribbon spools. Just put the spools over the middle rod inside and you can put the whole stack out and pull and cut the ribbon you want :) In the summer they sell these at the dollar stores

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Great for washi tape, too! Get straw holders(Bed Bath and Beyond) to store ribbon spools! Just pull up the top and the whole stack comes up, no need to remove spools to use! I also love how you can quickly see what you have!

Cut the bottoms of shoe organizer pockets to hold wrapping paper.

Cut the bottoms of shoe organizer pockets to hold wrapping paper.