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    • Timur Türk

      M.Ö. 400 yıllarında inşa edilmiş. Kalenin Astronomik gözlemler yapmak için de yapıldığı tahmin ediliyor. 1. yüzyıla ait bulunan heykelde Türk Özelliği olarak ortaya çıkan unsurlar mevcut. Türk Oturuş şekli olan, Bağdaş kurup oturma gibi.

    • Yavuz Tellioğlu

      Statue of a man-ossuary from Koi Krylgan Kala, first centuries A.D., Hermitage Museum

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    Castlerigg Stone Circle . England

    The Hole Stone, Co. Antrim. Photo by George Pennock Photography.

    Babylonian Boundary Stone

    Huginn and Muninn are a pair of ravens that fly all over the world, Midgard, and bring information to the god Odin. Viking amulet, IX - X centuries.

    Scissors found in Birka, Sweden Grave 750 side by side with a very similar modern pair.

    5.25" Adena knife, found April 2014, Robertson Co TN.

    American Indian's History: Native American Picture Writing of the Dakota Sioux, Sac, Fox and Ojibwa

    Anglo-Saxon penny

    Valle dei templi, Agrigento

    Head of the Great Bull, Lascaux, FR. The incredibly detailed Paleolithic cave paintings found in 1940 are est. to be 17,300 yrs old

    Rectangular, white limestone stela with a face carved in low relief within a coarsely, chiselled rectangular recess on one side and a line of South Arabian (Sabaean) inscription above human face, along top edge of same side; degraded chequer pattern in dull red brown paint over the flat face of the stela below the portrait. Ancient South Arabian The British Museum | Rectangular, white limestone stela with a face carved in low relief within a coarsely, chiselled rectangular recess.

    Lewis chessmen … the berserkers were notorious for their trance-like fury. Photograph: The Trustees of the British Museum

    Between Tintagel and pretty Camelford in north Cornwall, the village of Slaughter Bridge is thought to be the location of Camlann, the site of Arthur's final battle, according to Geoffrey of Monmouth. A 6th century memorial stone, known as King Arthur's Stone, can be found close to the village.

    Stone Cairn near Dunkeld, Scotland

    At Craig y Ddinas, the great rock in the far western corner of Rhondda Cynon Taf, a great treasure lies hidden underground, guarded by a company of knights who have slept in the treasure chamber for many centuries. According to ancient stories, the knights are followers of either King Arthur or of the 14th century Welsh warrior Owain Lawgoch. They are destined to sleep until their country is in peril when they will rise again and lead their people to victory.

    The Holme timber circle discovered in 1998 was dubbed Seahenge (pictured) after Stonehenge in Wiltshire. Its discovery was heralded as one o...

    Altamira Cave Painting (Detail) -- Spain -- 12,000 BCE -- Endangered UNESCO World Heritage Site -- Northern Spain's Altamira Cave Paintings -- Dating back 14,000 years -- Discovered in 1879 closed to the public in 2002 following the discovery of bacteria which thrived under the artificial light. Since the cave's closing, the bacterial growth has abated.

    Funeral dance, Etruscan fresco from a tomb cover, 5th century bce; in the Museo Nazionale di Capodimonte, Napoli, Italia

    Etruscan Mask of Acheloos 520 BC

    Tomb of Nakht ~ Egypt

    ruined abbey at arthur's seat in edinburgh

    Viking carvings, around 275 bc.

    Avalon Camelot King Arthur: Trevethy Quoit, also known as #King #Arthur's Quoit, is an impressive burial chamber in Cornwall. It stands over 15 feet and dates from the Bronze Age. The capstone is pierced by a hole, the purpose of which is unknown. A portion of the front entrance stone is also missing; this may have been cut to leave an entrance into the chamber. The whole structure may at one time have been covered with a mound of earth long since degraded by the changing seasons.

    los Moais (estatuas de la Isla de Pascua) tienen cuerpo

    Sky Rock Petroglyph, Eastern Sierras, CA