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I had never tried one of Lakeshore's computer games because I thought I had to have a SMART Board. However, I found out that you can run them on a computer! My kids have had a blast checking them out too. The 'Phonics Quiz Game Show' is one of their favorite games.

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Embedding Quotations – How to Embed Quotes, Pre-test, Lecture & Reference Sheet

Weary of students who slap quoted material into their essays without any framing or support? Click HERE for the solution! #highschoolEnglish

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EMBEDDING QUOTATIONS: Tools for Teaching Writing

Students need to learn how to embed quotations within their writing in order to formulate effective arguments, and to help them write mature, fluent essays. These resources will help that process! Downloadable tools for small fee.

citing evidence; 3 columns; Direct Quote, Paraphrase, Idea from my own Mind...then discuss or write on which method best answers the question, should be eye opener for direct quote or citing text evidence

This video explains what in-text citations are, why they are important, and examples of using them in instances of direct quotes and paraphrasing.

I often ask my students to write about "why they write," and I've heard many of these answers again and again. They're true for me, too. --Laura Davis & The Writer's Journey