Luli Sanchez.

luli sanchez


Takesada MATSUTANI Cercle 06-8-10

Xiang Gao

Wolfgang Tillmans, Freischwimmer 204

Luli Sanchez. Blue

textile designer Luli Sanchez. i like this because it looks like the flowers have been scaned.

Shibori cloth by Master Motohiko Katano (1889-1975), a painter turned dyer, created a body of sublime shibori work using indigo and other natural dyes. via

TEMPLE A riff on the wall drawings of Sol LeWitt in a warm brown that's flattering on just about everyone.  Variation in printing and color are hallmarks of hand block printing with natural dyes.  printed with natural & non-toxic dyes 25% silk, 75% cotton 34 x 86 inches +/- selvage on long sides, raw edge on ends hand block printed by 5th generation master printers in Bagru

Textile Artist Joanna Kinnersly Taylor 03

Luli Sanchez

Frank Connet

Luli Sanchez


16x20 Print Of My Feather Photography Dark Blue Black Crow Feathers Bird Wing Home Decor 16x20 Print Midnight...

Katano technique: Pattern_Shibori_tezukuri_02

Paint white sections w/ crackle, then glaze. Eric Gonzales | 'Gemini'

Ayessha Quraishi

Block Shop Scarves - MOSAIC | MARIGOLD + BLACK

lynn pollard