cows in front of barn.pinner says: windmill, barn,and cows.such an idyllic country farm scene!

Koeien in de ochtendmist.

I just want to be home, a place where i find peace and comfort. Where beauty is everywhere you look and is natural. The air is crisp and fresh. The only sounds you hear are animals and leaves blowing in the trees. Country roads take me home.

Cutie <3

This reminds me of my husband's farm he grew up on. There was always a lamb in the barn with dozens of sheep grazing on hay.

I love red barns.  It's an on going topic on road trips & a constant needle in my husband's side since I've threatened to paint our shed barn red.

a BARN (a beautiful red barn. It's a building found on a FARM, and it is usually used for animals, hay, or farm machinery. It is a wonderful place to play when you are a child.


Old barn in Kentucky, with a Kentucky Club Pipe Tobacco advertisement on it.

Bonnie Mohr Autumn Splendor Cow and Farm Art Print

Bonnie Mohr Autumn Splendor Cow and Farm Art Print

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One of my favs! Sweet little one peeking in the barn looking for Prancer...maybe???

this gray barn, red jacketed child would make the nice basis for a watercolor. need to see more or less of the barn

Country Woman At Heart : Photo

Barns and Bluebell, two of my favorite things. (FYI, Bluebell is Texas& favorite ice cream if you aren& lucky enough to be a Texan.

This barn is special because it is very big and has lots of windows, and it's painted a pretty, bright red.

Farm Rail Fence Barn- Oh to live in a safe beautiful place with a husband that loves you.