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How can you think one can be too old for anime? *scoffs*

The 8 Types of Anime Fans You'll Meet.... I would be 'the way of lifer' but I have a friend who is a lot like a samurai dispite his love for Clannad, Negima and other cute anime

My parents should be proud of me

Haha so true! But they are adorable~!!! (The first looks like Japan with purple eyes, while the second looks EXACTLY LIKE SPAIN!!!!!)

I do suffer from a few things and Anime is like a family in a way. I thank you for helping me through the good, the bad, the broken and the happy moments in my life. Thank you so much

Example: One Piece where in the Marineford arc in the manga, half of Whitebeard's face gets blown off. In the anime, only half of his mustache gets blown off.

Free! Iwatobi Swim Club, Attack on Titan, Danganronpa, Hetalia, Ouran High School Host Club

Hot Otaku Guys Problem

Yep. I watch anime, read manga, play MMORPG games, play Minecraft, pin on Pinterest, and do school work (I do other stuff, but yeah).

Whoa, what? Anime is not for children! Haven't they ever seen animes like Highschool of the Dead, or even Chobits?

Bleach is the Hub <--- Of course it is. Everyone knows that Soul Society oversees dead souls.< this!

Meanwhile, At Some Anime Character Transformation Scene...