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    CYBERPUNK №5, Evgeniy Shatrow on ArtStation

    Black Valkyrie by streetX222.devian... on @deviantART

    Valkyrie warrior

    430x1063_18738_Kayun_2d_sci_fi_character_android_girl_cyberpunk_picture_image_digital_art.jpg (430×1063)

    Be fierce, be brave, be gentle...



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    Valkyrie, Viking demon

    Beacon - The Valkyrie by JoshCorpuz85.devi... on @deviantART

    Chant To Build Inner Strength: I call the light of golden rays,/ To seek protection, thus I pray./ Heavenly forces at my side,/ Angels, Sages, Spirit Guides./ All wolves who walk with cunning skill, come to my aid, come at my will./ Black bird soaring light my path,/ So I am victim to no one's wrath,/ And when my journey knows success,/ All those who aid me, the Goddess bless. - Autumn Raindancer

    Bot. # cyberpunk, robot girl, cyborg, futuristic, android, sci-fi, science fiction, cyber girl, digital art

    Valkyrie statue by GaudiBuendia on deviantART

    warrior woman / valkyrie

    As the massive beast flew through the darkly colored sky, I stared up in awe. So many strange things have happened in this new world. Almost as if I'm dreaming. The beasts wings flap up and down, bright flames fly from the beasts jaws.


    Dark Valkyrie