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Reliquary Statue of Sainte Foy (St. Faith). Abbey Church at Conques, Conques, France. Late 9th century or 10th century with later additions. Silver gilt over a wood core, with added gems and cameos of various dates. Height 33". Church Treasury, Conques.

Abbey Church of Saint-Savin-Sur-Gartempe, Poitou. France. Choir c. 1060-1075; Nave c. 1095-1115.

Reliefs on the left wall of porch (top picture), Priory Church of Saint-Pierre, Moissac. France, c. 1115.

The south porch of Chartres Cathedral contains a series of sculptures, that were made between 1194 and 1230, on the subject of the martyrdom of saints. The first of these is St Thomas Becket who is seen here being killed by two knights.

Reliefs on the left wall of porch (lower half of picture), Priory Church of Saint-Pierre, Moissac. France, c. 1115.

Basilica of San Vitale in Ravenna.The church was begun in 527, when Ravenna was under the rule of the Ostrogoths, and completed in 548 during the Byzantine Exarchate. The church is of extreme importance in Byzantine art, as it is the only major church from the period of the Emperor Justinian I to survive virtually intact to the present day. Furthermore, it is thought to reflect the design of the Byzantine Imperial Palace Audience Chamber, of which nothing at all survives.

Reconstruction drawing of the third Abbey Church at Cluny. Burgundy, France. 1088-1130. Looking east.

Christ in Majesty. Detail of apse, church of San Climent, Taull, Catalunya, Spain. Consecrated 1123. Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya, Barcelona.