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Block Center

Open-Ended Materials The open-ended materials are located in the Block Center, but children are allowed to use them in any area of the room, for any creative use. What’s in the Block Center River Rocks, Leaves, Flowers Children find many creative uses for the rocks, leaves, and flowers. They sometim...

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Block Centre - Love the idea of using real tree pieces for science and construction

The building/block center has a very important place in pre-k and kindergarten curriculum. Playing with blocks provides a wonderful opportunity for...

Play To Learn In Kindergarten: Trouble In Paradise. To expand upon this fantastic idea, I would have the kids create a matching book with a picture of their structure (and their written description complete with labels,etc). You could also tap into 21st century skills by using a story telling app--creating a digital book to document and write about their work.

Sorting acorns & leaves - if you're going to save acorns for decorations or crafts indoors, you'll need to bake them at 350 degrees F for 15 minutes. Otherwise you will find that there is a small hole in the side of the acorn & a little maggot nearby after a week or two (",)

Using lights in the block center at Christmas Love the arches on the mirror. Great perspective. Rope lights add a new dimension of fun...

Add pictures of houses and building structures from magazines, the Internet, find pictures of prominent buildings of your city ( football stadium, museum, restaurant, skyscrapers) or take pictures of buildings in your community

Stenen en takken in de bouwhoek : Rocks in the block center

Body outlines in the block center - great science & math connection (count the # of blocks needed)

Blocks/Building Center "I Can" booklet - shows kids examples of what they can build in the blocks center (FREE)

Good to post in the Blocks Center - Alphabet using blocks and perspective.