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This is definitely me with Jake while I'm pregnant. I don't accommodate you, you accommodate me!

Just because it's a bad idea, doesn't mean it's not going to be a good time.

A nice thing I like to do is walk around the office so that everyone can enjoy how handsome I am.

They always do. Another reason I'd rather drive. "What is that, sir?" ..."err,'re kidding, right??"

Doesn't seem that way, you're still a thunder cunt!! ... Uploaded with Pinterest Android app. Get it here:

Tradegy!!! I can SO relate, cut my own this past daughters beautician friend had to fix it for me. :-P

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Gosh learned a lot more about a fake bitch this week! She hasn't changed a bit!!!

i'm sure quite a few people think this about me! :P

Bitch...Yo! Mary Lou wait until you hear these plans,...