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Elephant Calf by gepixelt - Dirk

Awwwwww. For you Michela Palatucci Palatucci Palatucci (consuela)

This chap, who wants to share lunch with you. | 15 Baby Elephants We Would Like To Be Best Friends With

Mother's love...Elephants have such a connection with their own that they mourn year after year after one of their own has died. It's so sad.

This guy, who's got the best joke to tell you. | 16 Baby Elephants We Would Like To Be Best Friends With

Baby elephant ♥ | We need to give them back their future. When you like, follow or share IvoryForElephants... on FB, Twitter, Instagram we gain media $$$. #ivoryforelephants

What you are doing is role-playing: pretending you are an adult at work — rolling a log for humans because they cannot do it themselves.

A baby elephant's first mud bath by © Mike Dexter/Solent News Photo Agency. °

I am so in love! I almost can't look!

Orange Ellie by Ring a Ding Ding, via Flickr. We gain media sponsors by your metrics. Like ivoryforelephants on FB, help us work to save them. The only one that needs a tusk is an Elephant.

sweet baby elephant playing in the water. I'm in love ♥