Cheerleading Confessions

So name one REAL sport if competitive cheerleading isn't a sport. (: cheerleading is a sport

I don't recall where my eyes would look but I don't remember being this scared to stunt hahaha

Cheerleading Is a Sport and Spirit Fingers Are Not A Thing: 49 Things Only Cheerleaders Understand

Patience Beard does a stunt at an Arkansas football game. Arkansas cheerleader cheers with a prosthetic leg after losing her leg to a disease in her childhood! What an incredible, inspirational girl!! Shows you the only limitations you have, are the limitations you put on yourself.

The girl with the 'zebra leg' wows Hog country

Patience Beard, The girl with the 'zebra leg' wows Hog country (Jim Tran/R'back Spirit Squads)

Cheerleading Confessions

thank you cheer.I'd still probably think i was a "gangster" if i never started cheering haha

Cheerleading Confessions

"Sometimes i resent out coach for making us stunt non stop for an hour and a half but i know in the long run itll get us the titles we deserve"