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The cheetah cannot roar, but ranks among the more vocal felines. Their vocalization includes chirping, stuttering, growling,yowling and purring. These sounds all have a different meaning.

Rare "king" cheetah markings. Indistinct spots and 3 streaks on its spine.

Cheetah- Would love to go on a safari! This is my most favorite animal ever. So gorgeous

cheetah beautiful picture, what a perfect animal, impressive.

I want to take this Cheetah home with and cuddle with him. I don't care that he can kill me. #AdorableAnimals

*Little Cheetah (by Ric Stevens).... ................Mom, where are you?

Baby Cheetahs. (KO) Holy crap! That's a lot of cheetah kittens! Surely they aren't all from one litter! Heaven help their poor Mama if they are.

Mother cheetah with 6 cubs - Mara Kenya_S4E2892 - Kenya 2010, Francesco Veronesi | Flickr - Photo Sharing!