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  • Sherri Hoover Chedwick

    Growing Blueberries- very informative video. Plant in early spring, typically you'll buy a 1-2yr old plant from the nursery. You can buy it as bare root (cheaper)or potted. Add peat moss to backfill soil, plant at same hight as is growing, loosen roots & break up any crust on top. Leave a depression in the soil so water will collect. Apply 6-8" mulch of pine needles, wood or bark. Plant >1 variety, needs for cross pollination. Space 5' apart, don't prune at planting time, de-flower in 1st year.

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Can You Grow Blueberries In A Pot ?Sure ! Fresh blueberries can cost a pretty penny at the grocery store, but did you know it’s easy to grow your own…even on a balcony ! Depending on the variety you choose, it can take 2 or 3 years for a plant to start producing fruit but once it does, you’ll enjoy picking berries for many years to come. Here’s a tip sheet to get you started…

Sinking a large container with the proper soil ph and then planting your blueberries will give you perfect growing conditions without leaching into your surrounding garden. Try a Soil Master Soil Test Kit to establish your ph!

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How to get your soil right, to stop bird damage and grow heaps more blueberries than you ever have done before in your own garden.

How to Grow Your Own Blueberries - Choosing the right variety, soil and water needs, how to keep the birds away from your blueberries.

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Five steps to growing blueberries.....includes early pruning. I'm glad I read this!

Good tips for growing blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries. #organic #gardening

Unlike many areas of the country, we’re privileged in the Pacific Northwest to have access to host of wild and farm-fresh berries. Come summer, you can pick blackberries (for free!) from the tangle of bushes that line much of the Springwater Corridor Trail, head to the outskirts of Portland to one of the many you-pick berry farms, or stop by one of the produce stands that dot the city’s roadsides for strawberries, cherries, blackberries, raspberries, blueberries and more!

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