A bunch of fun timers for the classroom. Maybe this will speed up the clean-up process!

This registers the noise level in a classroom - the louder it gets the more the balls bounce! How neat!! Wonder if this would work!

music box. Put on Smartboard when students arrive - they are silent as they watch and listen.

Transition music for the SMART board - FUN!

Free Rocket Timer! This is a perfect transition signal and timer for your classroom. Keeping kids on task will never be a problem! Check it out and see it in action!

Fun free program for randomly selecting students and creating partners for activities. Love the drum roll!

:) Great classroom management poster!!! ....Follow for cute & 'too-neat-to-keep' teaching tools & other fun stuff :)

classroom clock

High five notes! Easy way to boost student's spirits.

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Here's a fun way for those sports fans in your classroom to practice their math facts. Shoot the basketball into the basket that shows the correct answer to the math problem.

Phone app spinner for the classroom! How cool!

The Cha Cha Slide is a great Brain Break. The video clip has easy to follow directions. It is fun, gets kids moving, and is only about 3 minutes long! Awesome!!!

Interactive noise level control for the classroom-Fun:)

Online program to help you design your classroom space. The tool is here: http://classroom.4teachers.org/.

Cute freebie! Popular and fun dismissal chants to get your students thinking about rhyming words.

A site with bunches of classroom raps. How cute is this?

A lot of really great classroom management ideas.

Set up classroom transitions to music that happen automatically. Keeps you on time while also providing fun transitions for students!

In today's schools, teachers need to have a wide range of practical st | Special Needs Project

Technology Time Savers for Teachers! Best apps to help you cut down the time on lesson planning, classroom management, and delivery of instruction!