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"DIY penny flooring $1.44 a sq ft" My friend did this in her bathroom!  SO COOL!

Penny Tile Floor at the Standard Hotel

Make your own floor or wall tiles from pennies! Looks amazing and easy to do!

How about making a penny tile backsplash in a kitchen? The person who did this floor said that it took pennies to make 24 sq ft. for her vestibule floor.

How to make your own penny tile sheets and flooring. This would look fantastic and I bet it is actually cost effective.

a penny saved. is a tile floor! She used a mosaic mesh to make penny tiles for an entryway area. Might be useful in thinking about the TILE mosaic table top I'm thinking about - and the penny floor is interesting, too. great how to link

I'm saving pennies for a penny backsplash in my kitchen. I think I probably have about 2/3 of the pennies I need. Every penny I see, I pick up and put in a jar!

Penny floors

DIY Penny Flooring – Copper Pennies Clear Resin = Beautiful Floor that is less expensive than average flooring and will yield far better results.

reno210: a penny saved.. is a tile floor.

A penny saved could be a penny floor. You can make a tile wall or combine with concrete to make stepping stones in garden. Check out the finished wall, amazing! (and cheap to make) Click the link to find out how to make.

It is so centsible!   It has begun cropping up so I thought I would do a post highlighting this cool idea. It even fits with my NY state of ...

How awesome would it be if you could DIY your very own flooring with leftover pennies from previous outings? Take a look at these easy DIY Steps To Craft Your Own Penny Flooring At Home.

"Ironically, we did penny tile in both of our bathrooms. As to the “how” of this project, you can get mesh backing that’s adhesive on one side. Stick all the pennies to that, in 8” or 12” squares, then lay it down in grids like any other tile that’s similar. Grout it & voila! Pretty cool effect, but the anal retentive in me badly wants of them heads-up & facing the same direction!"

Cover Your Floors in a Blanket of Riches with Penny Tiling

sun light outdoor bathroom interior Gorgeous Small Bathroom Design with Penny Tiled Floor, DIY Bathroom Ideas gorgeous.

Penny floor finished! [SPOILERS] Thats allot of penny's for Goodness Sake' Very Unique Very Original, like Perfect Penguin Pebbles.com.....beautiful floor!

copper coin floor yes please, this guy made a floor out of copper pennies flooring oh my god copper floor will be in my house - love the idea.

DIY: How To Stain & Finish A Concrete Floor - great tutorial shows how to finish 700 sq. ft. of flooring for $300. This is a durable finish, it's a DIY project & it's inexpensive.:

DIY: How To Stain & Finish A Concrete Floor - great tutorial. This is a durable finish, it's a DIY project & it's inexpensive.