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  • Judy Johnson

    Slime recipe. A necessary recipe for all moms. Homemade Slime aka GAK 1 teaspoon borax powder 1 1/2 C water, divided 4 oz (1/2 C) Elmer’s glue, clear or white food coloring

  • Krystal Ray

    make slime with just glue, borax, water and food coloring.. good sensory activity

  • JanaLynn Stoehr

    Slime recipe. Always looking for great winter kid crafts!

  • Emiley

    Slime recipe. Not for kids that don't understand it's not for eating.

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So simple and so fun…homemade slime! Yesssssssss

Gak/slime/flubber... a recipe for making the fun, stretchy, slimy stuff. Note: Contains Borax.

Another pinner says: glow in the dark slime UPDATE: made this and it was every bit as cool as I had hoped. Not sticky (was afraid it'd be sticky on the hands) and therefore not messy. and it glows! :) Got to try this out!!

handmade slime.great for kids make it into a ball and it bounces good keep in zip loc bag when not playing with

Homemade Slime. Super fun and easy project to do with the kids while they are home on spring break!

How to Make Homemade Goop: Kids Easy Craft Idea | Whew! Triumph of the day. Finally found a goop/gack/flubber/ whatever-you-want-call-recipe that resulted in a respectable slime rather than a sticky, uncleanable mess that will forever remain plastered to my kitchen walls.

Homemade Slime (GAK) from OBB. I have got to make this for Cora - every time we read Fox in Socks she says she wants to make some "new blue goo"

glow in the dark slime--SUCCESS! the consistency was a bit thicker then slime, but i considered that to be a positive. it also glows----obviously not 'light up a room' bright, but definitely a dim glow. major hit with kiddo!! (we stored our inside a ziplock bag and it keeps really well)