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I grew up with "School House Rock" which were cool, but these educational, music videos are AWESOME!!!

You've got to watch and show to your class! Reducing test anxiety one cheesy music video at a time. I love it! I showed a different test taking youtube video every day for a week before THE tests and this one was my class' favorite!!

School House Rock Shot Heard Round the World (American Revolution) America Rock - YouTube

50 Awesome Chemistry Videos For The Busy Science Teacher - I already have links to a few of these, but I can always increase my video library!


42 STEM iPad Apps for Kids (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)

40 STEM iPad Apps for Kids (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)

"Molecules Gone Wild (Bio Style)" - Macromolecules Song (Music Video ver. Dance) - Gangnam Parody by high school science students.

"Spring is Here" is a fun music video to incorporate into your seasonal theme on spring. It's an action song that children just love. The video includes the words making it ideal for early readers. This song is great for morning meeting, group activities and circle time.

Frozen: Behind the Scenes of Recording the Music Score (Musical careers, how music gets put in the movies, programatic music, etc)