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Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

Steampunk Mechanic 1 by ~Kaliban-F on deviantART~ big wrench, maybe use PVC and foam?

Steampunk cradle

Airship Pirate

A cart-pulling automaton, built by Zadoc P. Dederick and Isaac GrassSteam, 1868

The steampunk man behind the steampunk woman by Firefly182.devian... on @deviantART

1680-1700 English Telescope at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London - From the curators' comments: "An understanding of astronomy and the natural sciences was a key part of a gentleman's education, but this telescope was in reality an expensive toy. Ivory was a rare and costly material. The decoration, with inset points of brass and silver, known as piqué work, was often used on fashionable snuffboxes and cutlery."

Airship Pirate Boarding Axe - another great LARP weapon, totally safe for any steampunk convention or re-enactment. Available from

Table lamp in the steampunk style. So pretty!

Steampunk Trike

Steampunk sea horse. Nice!

This Artist Gave Disney Characters A Steampunk Makeover. #12 Is Super Cool

All sizes | Steampunk Proton Pack | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

A must have for any steampunk vampire hunter.

Fullmetal Alchemist

steampunk mouse

This is the coat pattern I bought when my Mom came up for Mom's Day! ♥ this variation on it. :D

Steampunk backpack #Steampunk ☮k☮

Girl Genius.—Sweetheart Girlfriend Victoria Secret for Fashion Wigs Show; Our custom purpose is “Style’s up to you, price proposal you too, the rest us”.

old, odd and wonderful motorbike!

OK, not technically jewelry, but definitely an adornment, and very Steampunk. Found at www.softsurroundi...

Victorian prudes and their bizarre beachside bathing machines - not strictly steampunk, but they have my imagination going into overdrive with the possibilities! I could see Agatha Heterodyne getting her hands on one of these and making something fantastic!

* Von Richt's mechanical glove ~ Dr. Hugo Von Richt's mechanical glove for experimental Phrenoscalpoteraputic treatment - Von Richt Institution, 1860's ~ by Jacob Petersson *

pirateship by Jastorama.deviant... ✤ || CHARACTER DESIGN REFERENCES | @Rachel Oberst Design References