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Preparation for Scorpion Pose. If you're not quite in scorpion, try at the wall with several bolsters under the feet. I love how yoga always offers baby steps! Enjoyed and repinned by yogapad.com.au

8 Limbs of Yoga 1. Yama- Self restraints 2. Niyama- How to behave in the world and with others 3. Asana- movement within our temple 4. Pranayama- Connection to our life force; our breath 5. Pratyahara- mindful detachment 6. Dharana- Studying the mind 7. Dhyana- Contemplation 8. Samadhi- Indescribable unified bliss


here's a #Yoga sequence in case you can't make it to class today.

...it's your brain you have to convince


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This is simple no matter what religion you follow we should honor all!!! meditation. #Inspiration, #Yoga, #Meditation


Yoga is a way to freedom. By its constant practice we can free ourselves from fear, anguish and loneliness. -Indra Devi

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I love this word. It is a nice reminder that we are all spiritual souls having a human experience together.

I need to get back into class 7x a week to bring this pose back into my practice


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