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Nice package...ing that is.

"Already got enough stickers in my hiking socks. Didn't need one in my mind." (Funny bad soft drink ads)

"OK, Rex. But this is your last one." (Funny bad retro beer ads)

"The house is filthy." (Funny bad retro vacuum ads)

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Ha you have to love old ads.

She looks a little young. What happened to the first Mrs. Claus? (Funny bad retro ads)

vintage lingerie ad

Should have sprayed the shag for dandelions. (Funny bad retro chair ads)

#Vintage #Ad

Unfortunate side effect. (Funny bad retro candy ads)

Just unplug the typewriter and say it's broken. (Funny bad retro office ads)

"Now come over here and let me sear this into your leg." (Funny bad retro cigarette ads)

There is a third person somewhere in this ad. And that is terrifying. | 16 Vintage Underwear Ads That Will Give You Nightmares

Classic ad, Hires Root Beer

"So we're dumping large predators, their prey, domesticated animals, and little kids into one overcrowded nature preserve." (Funny bad retro oil company ads)

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Nobody in the history of the world has been punched for putting the wrong grease in a car. But theoretically, it could happen. (Funny bad retro auto lube system ads)

Rayban ad...

♥ vintage panties ad

And to make things even creepier--Mr. Crenshaw claims he saw no clowns around little Stevie when he took the picture. (Funny bad retro Polaroid ads)