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For that oh, so special geek in my life.... ;) ♡ ~ℛ

Dungeness crab cooked in beer. ~ Cooked just for you, sweetie. Merry New Years & Happy Christmas!! MUUUAH!

( .... Don't mind me, just helping out .... ) The description begins with, "She marches to the beat of a different drummer. That's what makes you love her." When you think about it and realize those words are almost verbatim what we were talking about the other day.... (lol!!!)

How did I find THIS in THAT catalog? Life is made of such little mysteries. ;)

Now THIS is a sweater a gal can really curl up in on those long winter nights by the fire. :)

Warmth! MUAHAHAHAHA! — (btw, this is the "Sunbeam Sherpa - RoyalMink Heated Throw" available @ Sears. ♡♡♡ ~ℛ )

Here you go, sweetie. A Marylands Crabfest, supposedly authentic and complete, for $59. Sounds sooo good, doesn't it? ;)

lu, sweetie! ♡ ~ℛ

Loosey the Moosey. :)

(Center Drilled Keishi Pearls) Ahem!! Er, hey, Sweeeeetie........? lol! O:)

"...[and] to live within the warmth of your love and always call it home ..." ♡

Perfect or what? lol!




Here we go, sweetie. A Crazy Cat Lady Starter Kit! :)


This would look great on me, don't you think, sweetie? Sweetie??!! ;)

Looking for Gilligan. ;)

Moonrise, Scituate, MA - Scituate Lighthouse.

Ok, so maybe it's a leeeeetle bit bigger than the TTT. ;)

Maybe a housewarming present for the Girl Child? What do you think? :)

I dunno why but these are just sooo cool! ;)