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  • TiffanyRenee'

    Well played. Heck yes, because if Stephanie Meyers thinks she's that fucking special for writing like a middle schooler than jk Rowling better be the god of writing!

  • Ryan Brown

    Stephanie Meyers is gonna need to go all the way to Antarctica to heal THAT burn. I love you J. K. Rowling!!!!!

  • Shivani Pandya

    Well played, J.K Rowling. Well played. SO FUNNY

  • Hannah Rettig

    J.K.Rowling Burns Stephanie Meyer like a boss! Yeah!!

  • Sidney Cinicola

    Well played, J.K Rowling. Well played. Stephanie Meyer I love ur books but that was a burn!

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  • abby spratt

    This looks amazing, but i think i'd change it up a bit. I'd make a Loi shrine so i could scream "HAHA YOU MULING QUIM, YOU'VE BEEN LOKI'D!!!"

  • abby spratt

    I also spelled MEWLING wrong OMG HAHA