Watermelon Cookies. Perfect for a Summer BBQ.

Use a cookie cutter to make cucumber flowers. And then you don't have to peel them.

lemon flowers, great for summer party served in water or ice tea.

Cookie Cutter Fruit Salad

FRESH FRUIT POPSICLES. You could use any fruit and add watermelon as the base. Great idea! No sugar but fresh and healthy too!

There’s everything to love about watermelon. A simple summer treat. A frosty beverage with vodka. And now: the prettiest dessert you’ll see this year. Wish I’d had this in time for our neighborhood Fourth of July party! I love the supreme Gluten-Free nature of this cake, too. Watermelon “Cake” Ingredients: - 1 …

Rose strawberries. Perfect for Valentine's Day.

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Idea: Watermelon Pizza (a pizza fruit salad) | Image from somewhere else but I linked it to another site with "recipe" =P

Strawberry shortcake kabobs!! This somehow raises the fun factor, making them easier to serve and perfect for parties. You could even offer up a little chocolate for dipping!

Red, White & Blue Watermelon Almond Tart recipe, MEMORIAL DAY treats #summer #bbq #dessert

These were a big hit at our party. So yummy and super easy to make.

Fun for Parties

There are so many ways to use this idea.....(pic only)

That's a whole lot of bacon! "Baked BBQ Beans "... Love the presentation ... beautiful !

Never thought of using these for eggs... Is that what they are for?

Watermelon smile

Cut your favorite apples in half, core it out and pour in hot caramel then refrigerate for 2 hours until set, slice and drizzle with chocolate!

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Watermelon carvings