Geology Tattoo

I hope Bey gets something like this!!!

raven and skull tattoo not for me but very cool

Arrow tattoo

watercolor tattoo - the more watercolor style tats I see the more I like them...

Awesome science related tattoo

Elephant Tattoo


@careree74 Dude. Remember when we talked about our Disney tattoos? I feel like you could pull this off. ;) Pocahontas tattoo! Totally, totally love this.


flower it!!!

Science atom added to my list of what tattoos i want

Chemical structure for Seratonin, which is a naturally occurring chemical in the brain that makes us feel happy and rewarded. So the tattoo is a daily reminder that I can be happy without drugs or money or a happy family— I love this. caffeine would be cute for me too

Such a cool tattoo!!!

Arrow tattoos

Feathers tattoo

elephant tattoo

Mother-Daughter Infinity Tattoo! Love this! Want this regardless if my mom gets it too.

lace tattoo, I want one!!