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What makes you beautiful , gotta be you, one thing , live while we're young, little things, kiss you one way or another Liam in music videos !#! Love it !!!! (:

you know your a directioner when | You know you're a Directioner when...♥ - One Direction Photo ...

I will never be able to watch this and not die laughing! My favorite part!

I like how before everyone had their shirts off but Niall, and now everyone has their shirts on but Niall

Day 4: Liam James payne: I just love this pic, its likeness pointing @ me! Lol not only that it makes me happy2 c him happy!

Hello, I'm Liam Payne, and can be doing anything and still look extremely hot. c;

you can really tell he's disappointed (cuz I'm the foolish one that you anointed with your heart... I- sorry, I couldn't resist)

yesterday i walked into mcdonalds and there was a giant picture of a potato on the wall. and i turned to my friend and was like LOOK, THERE'S A PICTURE OF ME ON THE WALL! and then she was like OMG THERE IS ONE OF ME TOO!

Niall(: I was in a play And had to talk in one and I felt like such a boss. I wanted to invite Niall but of course that week he can to Chicago was the same week we took a break :(

I noticed this and laughed! He was pretty much the only one smiling out of the five of them....oh, Niall. :)