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This should require no explanation. Just buy it for your lady now, then reap the rewards later. -

We had dinner out after reading this book and had some great laughs. I was over both of them by the time I finished the book and would not bother reading any if the sequels. Some of the group have read all the books though.

Autor: E. L. James. Año: 2012. Categoría: Erótico, Romántico. Formato: RAR (PDF + EPUB) Este libro forma parte de la Trilogía Cincuenta sombras Sinopsis: L

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15 Classic Books That Were Once Banned

15 classic books that were once banned, including Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck.

Fifty Shades Darker- This books picks up where Fifty Shades of Gray leaves off... Well, not next sentence picks up like I was really wanting it to, but pretty darn close. Owned this book for less than 24 hours and right around the 200 page mark... Pretty amazing while being pregnant and taking care of a one year old.

1001 books to read before you die. Also has a good children's book list. I have a LONG way to go! ***Have Read*** 93, 223, 399, 456, 790, 825, 831, 863, 876, 883, 913,