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That Time of Year is Here

{source} It’s that time of year again. We are starting back to school next Monday. {source} Where has the summer gone? We homeschool, and right now I wished my desk looked more like this….. {source} instead of this….. {source} Soon there will be things like this all over our cottage….. {source} I lo...

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Punctuation posters for comma, period, and much more. FREE digital download with positive responses for feedback.

punctuation - Even more than a poster, i'd like it as a handout for each student's reference binder.

These song posters would be a great way to teach punctuation to your class! It will keep the kids entertained and is a good way to help with their memory. They also include some rhyming, which could work two things in one :) -Cassie Smith

Punctuation--what if instead of buying this, I have the students work in groups to make a "snapshot" of one punctuation mark and then make into a class poster?

Used something like this to jump start a lesson about using commas and it works great when you put it up on the smartboard to get them going!

Love this Classroom Rules! poster. Might be cool to have kids create one for school.

“Punctuation social personalities” Poster by Carrie J Keplinger

haha this is in my english classroom

Found pinned up on the wall in an English classroom. Punctuation saves lives!

stinkin colon & semi-colon... I always forget which one of you to use!!!!!!!!