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from Survival Sherpa

Ax-Manship: Tips for Splitting Long Logs for Firewood

LASERTEC 130 PowerDrill - Highly dynamic 5-axis laser drilling of cooling holes in combustors, vanes and blades, Automatic tool changer. Swivel head and rotary table with torque motors. Dual collision protection in laser head and laser nozzle. Constant beam path for constant drilling quality. High speed shutter enables SynchroDrill (synchronized drilling with rotating workpiece). Siemens 840D powerline with special LASERSOFT Combustor software features.

LASERTEC 80 FineCutting - Laser fine cutting of thin plates (0.2 in. width), tubes and 3D workpieces Laser cutting gap min. 0.0008 in., Linear drives with an acceleration > 1g. High dimensional accuracy < 0.0004 in., Highly dynamic torque motors in both rotary axes (B- / C-axis) , Automatic distance control to compensate unevenness in the material, Automatic belt conveyor or robot handling, Laser sources: Nd:YAG (15 – 300 W), fiber (100 – 300 W), CO2 (1,000 – 3,000 W)