2. Flo and Mayhem These two are a match made in commercial heaven! Not only is this an adorable idea, it's incredibly easy to put together. He should don his suit (that he doesn't mind getting a little dirtied up), strap band-aids on his face and hands, and throw on a headband. Let him borrow some of your darkest eyeshadow to give him a black eye. You should wear a crisp white, short-sleeved blouse or polo shirt, draw on a bright red lipstick and a flirty cat eye, and pull your hair ...

100 Creative Halloween Couples Costume Ideas

This is one outfit both men and women can pull off. What you need to do: For the guys, wear a white button-down, sunglasses, boxers, and white socks. For the girls, wear an oversize white button-down, sunglasses, and socks. If you want a sexier look, curl your hair. Source: Instagram user allyssa_cut

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DIY Couples Halloween Costume Ideas


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