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  • D.L.

    Would have been cool if this #Nike #ad was real (#BigButt).

  • Tatiana Smith

    Nike, quote, big butts

  • Ashley

    Big Butt:) such a true story for me :)

  • Annette Enriquez

    So me! Hired personal trainers, ran a 5k in 40 degree weather, ran 10k's, worked out everyday & watched my food intake & I'm still a "Real Woman" It does not define lazy nor unhealthy. I look fab no matter what size I am. I just keep active. And still, I have a big butt & real curves! :D

  • Philadelphia Inquirer

    What Do We Think Of This Big Butt Nike Ad?

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Nike+ allows users to connect on Facebook and Twitter. This allows other people to know about the application on these social media sites as well as keeping the trainees motivated to staying healthy.

mine's not that big..but this is awesome! Amen to thick thighs and butts!

My hips return to puberty when I'm in dance class. Music affects them like hormones making them crazy and spontaneous and optimistic and prone to drama and I don't understand them and sometimes they don't understand themselves. When the music stops they're still charged. Don't touch me; sparks will fly. JUST DO IT.

Nike ♥ everybody has something that makes them self-conscious. you need to learn it is a part of you and be HAPPY

Nike has been the premier sneaker for years and they have some of the best athletes at the professional level representing them.

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As a woman from the Caribbean (now living in the States), I will NEVER understand why American women hate so much their butts. In my culture, there is not such a thing as too-big-butt. JLos are very appreciated over there...

Lunge 101 I have such a difficult time with lunges I Should read this before every lunge work out :)

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